1. Just a thank you for posting plans on your vacuum as well as Ross’s frame assembly jig. I made the vacuum last year and just realized you had plans for the jig as well. I had looked at the jig on beesource and remembered there was a much easier design but could remember where I had seen it (Ross’s site when I was looking at OB hives). I googled it and found your video that even helped me further. Thanks!

  2. I have a hive in a dead tree next to my office and Im looking for a good place to buy equipment to catch the swarm and keep the hive. I guess a beginners kit or something to get started like maybe your swarm trap. I enjoyed your vidio on your swarm trap, thanks, Ted

  3. @Ted,
    The plans to build the swarm traps I use can found here -> I would strongly recommend building your own verses buying a commercially available trap. Not only is building your own much cheaper, but having frames in a swarm trap is the only way to go in my opinion. Otherwise you have to do a “cut out” of the swarm trap and that just sets them back even more. With frames, you can just transfer them to a real hive. As far as starter kits go, they seem ideal for someone with limited knowledge who is just starting out, but in reality, they are chalked full of things you don’t need and may never use. I would suggest joining our forum over at and doing a search on kits. You will find tons of information on what you really need and can then purchase your own “kit”.

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