Never Fails

That night you are out until midnight moving bees from yard to yard and forget to turn the electric fence and alarm on at home.


Attempt at killing a honeybee colony

Here is the aftermath of someone attempting to kill off a colony in an apartment building. Video provided by my good friend JP at Beemaster’s Beekeeping Forum.

Bushkill Swarm Trap Collection

Here is a video of collecting a swarm from one on my Bushkill Swarm Traps.

Honeybee Fanning

A short video of honeybees fanning on the front of a hive.

Bushkill Bee Vac – How to use for Swarms & Cut-Outs

This 2 part video talks about the versatility of the Bushkill Bee Vac and demonstrates how to use if for capturing swarms and doing cut-outs.